My Story

Hello there!   My name is Mandy Wilmeth and I have been a Scentsy Consultant since March of 2009 I live in Denton, TX and have been married to a wonderful man since June 2002.  We have a precious little guy named Cooper and he is the light of our lives.  We also have a little “weenie dogs” and a BIG furry Golden Retriever – they both love to get into trouble!   Until 2008 I LOVED candles!  Anytime people came to my house they would always see candles burning all over and compliment the wonderful smells.  I was also ALWAYS paying way too much for those plug-in oil things from the grocery store.  Then in 2008 my mom bought me a Scentsy warmer for Christmas and I have been HOOKED ever since!  I still cannot believe all the options I have for not only scents but also for the beautiful warmers that match any decor.  In March of 2009 my Director, Robin Clouse, approached me about selling Scentsy.  You see I have been asked to sell EVERYTHING UNDER THE SUN and I NEVER even considered it for more than a second because I am so busy and did not have any interest in having a “2nd job.”  However, with Scentsy it was practically an automatic YES!  It just felt right to me and I truly LOVE all of the Scentsy products.  There is nothing about selling Scentsy that feels like a job to me, Scentsy simply sells itself.  Plus, I use it all the time at home and everything I order for myself PAYS ME BACK!  I love the fact that the warmers use light bulbs so no fire danger and no more soot to clean up.  I love that I have over 80 scents to choose from and that I can change scents anytime and not lose any money (just save the scent to use later).  I love that I can have beautiful warmers and plug-ins all over my house that actually match my décor and do not look like half-burned candles.  Scentsy is a wonderful company that truly cares about it’s consultants.  They provide EVERYTHING you can imagine to help you be successful as a Scentsy consultant.  Scentsy is one of the fastest growing companies in history and I am soooo proud to be a consultant.    I usually out in at least one group order each month which not only saves you 10% S/H (if you live in the Dallas/Ft. Worth area) but I usually include a little promotion!     If you are interested in being invited to be a part of my monthly orders or to receive my monthly newsletter with Scentsy Promotions, please send me an e-mail at   If you have any questions about Scentsy Inc or any of the Scentsy products please feel free to contact me at or on my cell at 469.644.6912.   Thank you and I hope you have a Scentsational Day! <!--endbody-->